Confused about the latest changes in the law on holiday home rentals?


Is Airbnb legal in Dubai?
Can I sublease the property I am currently renting to others while I am away?
Do I need to use a holiday homes operator to rent my property?
Does anyone really know what is going on in this Short Term and Holiday Homes Rental business?


We have made it our top priority to help you property people understand exactly what is and isn't legal for Short Term and Holiday Home rentals here in Dubai.

Let's get one thing straight: the old law did state that you could not rent your property out on a short term basis unless it was through a DTCM-licensed Holiday Homes Operator.

This has now changed. Property owners can now apply for their own license through DTCM and - providing they meet certain criteria - can legally rent out their properties independently.

The DTCM has also stated that providing you have a an NOC from your landlord, tenants can now also apply for a license to rent out their homes independently.

For more information on what that process is, how much it all costs, and whether it is all worth the hassle, view our FAQ section or contact us!

Don't forget, we offer a range of property management services to help you get the most out of your property, whether you are an investor who is out of the country for most of the time and wants a fully-managed service, a veteran Airbnb host who wants support with the initial set-up, or a tenant who needs us to convince their landlord to provide that crucial NOC.

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