Why should I rent my home as a Holiday Home?

People from all over the world are flocking to Dubai as it reveals itself the number 1 holiday destination worldwide. But not everybody wants to stay in the sprawling 5-star resorts Dubai is so famous for. A lot of tourists are looking for a more immersive experience. They want to live like the locals do. They want to explore the 'real' Dubai.

If you own the property you live in but travel a lot, either for work, on holiday or simply over those hot summer Dubai months, then you have the opportunity to rent your home out to other travellers while you are away. 

Sama Sama Holiday Homes will work hard to carefully select guests who will treat your home with love, care and respect.

Why should I rent out my investment property on a short term basis?

There are many reasons why, particularly in this market, short term rentals are emerging as the preferred option for property investors over long term, annual tenancy arrangements, not limited to the following:

  • You have the opportunity to earn much higher annual yields than with long term rentals
  • You are not tied in to an annual tenancy agreement that can severely limit you if you need to sell the property
  • You can choose the times when you want the property available for your friends and family to stay
  • You have the flexibility to respond quickly to market conditions, and earn more during high season

How do Sama Sama Holiday Homes help me manage my short term bookings?

We take on all of the management of your property and its rentals, from initial registration and professional marketing of the property, through to selection of guests, meet and greet, and ongoing guest support throughout their stay, and cleaning and maintenance of the property before your return, or before the next guests arrive!

What do I need to set my property up as a Holiday Home?

If you and your property qualify to register and operate as a holiday home, the process for you is easy. Let Sama Sama Holiday Homes do all the hard work! All we need from you is:

  • Title Deeds of the property 
  • Passport copy of the owner
  • A recent DEWA bill from the property in the name of the owner 
  • A signed Authorisation letter allowing Sama Sama Holiday Homes to register and manage the property
  • Fixtures and fittings within the property that meet the DTCM guidelines

What if my property is not furnished?

Sama Sama Holiday Homes can take on the task of furnishing and fully preparing your home for rental in a very short time. Although we need you to cover the upfront cost, we aim to get your return on investment in just over a month.

Can I get my own license?

Yes you can! From May 1st 2016 property owners can apply for their own license to manage their property with DTCM. You will need your Emirates ID and AED1,500 to register for one year. Then the usual paperwork, documentation and fees are required to register your property. 

What do I need to be able to manage my own property?

- A property that you own!
- An Emirates ID or passport
- A recent DEWA bill
- A copy of your Title Deeds
- AED1,500
- Adequate property and third party insurance
- Fixtures, fittings, fire and safety equipment that meet the DTCM holiday homes requirements
- Patience, hard work and

How are Sama Sama Holiday Homes different from their competitors?

Here at Sama Sama Holiday Homes we put the properties first and treat them as if they were our own. And we put the guests second. We believe that by building a relationship with the people staying in your home, not only can we ensure they share our love and respect for your property, but that they get the most out of their stay and have the trip of a lifetime!

Why should I let strangers come and stay in my house?

There is a new type of tourism that is sweeping the globe and here's your chance to get involved! Well-traveled, high-earning, educated tourists are looking for a new type of experience when they go on holiday. They are bored of staying in soulless 5-star hotels. They want something more. They want a local experience, to seek out the hidden gems that 'normal' tourists wouldn't find wandering the corridors of their all-inclusive. 

That desire to have a more immersive experience goes hand in hand with staying in someone else's home, treating it like a home and enjoying that 'home away from home' experience. 

Not only can you help Dubai diversify their tourism accommodation offering, but you can earn serious money at the same time. Demand for holiday homes in Dubai is enormous! 

How does Sama Sama Holiday Homes check that the guests are suitable to stay in my property?

We are very careful when selecting the right guest to come and stay in your property. We perform a lot of due diligence to find out more about what brings them to Dubai and who they will be travelling with. We also collect passport copies for access and security, and retain a deposit in the case of any accidental damage.

Which areas of Dubai offer the highest occupancy and short term rental rate?

Unsurprisingly these areas include the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, JLT, Downtown Dubai, DIFC and Business Bay, but with Dubai's infrastructure and within whole communities that lie a little out of the way but offer everything a holidaymaker would need, properties all over Dubai rent very easily.

Aside from Sama Sama's management fee, are there any other costs I need to be made aware of?

As the property owner and our valued client, we want to keep things as simple as possible, so we look after all of the other costs that are involved in renting out a property on a short term basis. These include government sign up fees, Tourism Taxes and security deposits.